Did you know? Merging tags in Tag Manager

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Did you know? Merging tags in Tag Manager

Here’s the thing about tagging – it never works out the way that you think it will.

On paper, tagging is perhaps the most useful organizational tool you have in your digital arsenal. A good tagging system gives you, the user, as much or as little control over how your data is grouped, how you can access it, and how you can leverage your tag groups toward making your overall user experience easier. Or, at least, less headache-inducing.

But it doesn’t exactly work out that way. Anyone who has tried to manage the tag structure for a project involving multiple contributors can attest to that fact. Tagging is a lot like communism (well, not a lot, but a little) – it sounds pretty enticing on paper, but in practice? Total chaos. People are making singular tags plural, adding hyphens, putting quotations around phrases, separating words with underscores and generally throwing the whole thing into a state of disrepair.

That’s where Raven’s Tag Manager comes in. You can quickly and easily rein in those out-of-control tagging efforts using its bulk merge functionality.

Let’s look at an example. These tags don’t look so hot, do they?

To merge tags, first navigate to Site > Tags. Click the checkbox for each tag that you would like to merge and, under “Bulk Actions” select “Rename or Merge” and click “Apply.”

Enter your tag’s new name, hit “Save” and voila! Now, when we run a SERP report showing only keywords with the “brands” tag, we won’t have to worry about missing any of the data accidentally tagged “brand” or “branding” or “Marlon Brando.”

Unified tags, more efficient marketing. Sorry, communism.

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