Did you know? Log events to help make sense of website traffic

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Did you know? Log events to help make sense of website traffic

Ever check out your Google Analytics metrics and wonder what might have spurred an increase in traffic to your website? Raven’s Event Manager can help you keep track of anything significant to your company, website or marketing campaign (a conference attended, an e-mail newsletter or a Google Panda update for example). When you add events to the Event Manager, Raven will overlay this information with your Google Analytics data to help you identify if there is a direct correlation.

Here’s how.

Enter your events

Navigate to Site > Events and select “Add Event.”

Raven Tools Event Manager

Fill out the title, notes, start and end dates and indicate if the event is for the entire profile or just the website. Then select “Add Event.”

Raven Tools Event Manager

View events against Google Analytics data

Go to Metrics > Google Analytics and check the box next to “Show events.” Events that you have entered for your website or profile will appear in the graph as a gray vertical box on the date(s) you indicated for that event. If you hover over the gray box, the title of the event will appear.

Use Raven Tools Event Manager to Make Sense of Website Traffic

Events are also charted with Raven’s Keyword History, Facebook Monitor and Twitter Monitor tools.

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