Did You Know? Report Progress Over Time With Site Performance

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Did You Know? Report Progress Over Time With Site Performance

You’ve heard about our Site Performance tool, right?

Raven customers can find it under the Metrics menu – and I hope you have, because it’s really awesome.

1 Site Performance

It not only gives you a great snapshot of how a website is performing, it also allows you to track competitors side-by-side and see progress over time.

Site Performance provides lots of authority scores and metrics like a backlink count, but it also provides on-site analysis like load time and tells you if links to your social networking sites are set up on the homepage. Additionally, it can also check to see your site is listed on sites like Yelp if you plug in a ZIP code and business name.

Here’s an in-depth tour:

Choosing Your Date Range in Site Performance

Let’s focus on one feature of Site Performance: viewing progress over time.

Depending on how you use Site Performance, you’ll see different dates to choose from when you choose to view performance over time.

The Basics:

  • Once your site is added, Site Performance automatically collects data every two weeks.
  • Additionally, it collects data every time you visit the Site Performance tool in your Raven account.

You’ll always see at least one date as a header in Site Performance. The first date (in yellow below) is always the current day. The second date (in black below) will appear once you pick a comparison date. To do this, select a date from the calendar.

1-2 understanding the date range

So here is how the calendar is color coordinated. See the image below:

  • Yellow: Current Date
  • Boxed date: Comparison Date
  • Gray: A day in which Raven has data

In this example, the site was added on June 6, and automatically ran two weeks later. Then I viewed the tool on the 25th (populating data). I’m currently comparing the current day to the 20th.

2 not visited often

Now let’s look at another example. Notice you see a lot more gray boxes. Here, I spied on one of the websites that our Raven Trial Guy, Jonathan, maintains. He likes to show this tool off a lot in his Raven webinars (Jump into one for a high-level tour of how Raven tools work together!) Because he visits the tool often, the tool collects data more often, giving him greater flexibility in choosing his comparison date.


3 visited often

Reporting Site Performance Data

OK, now let’s move on to reporting on this data. Like everything else in Raven, you can report on the metrics of Site Performance. From the tool itself, select your comparison date of choice and click the Export to PDF button for an instant report.

6 build report icon

This option is optimized for folks who want to monitor how their work is impacting site metrics over time as you get the comparison window of your choice.

You can also include a Site Performance module in the scheduled report you build at Reports > Wizard.

4 report wizard last two date ranges

When you choose this option, Raven compares the latest date to the second-latest date for which we have data.

7 report with custom date range

So, sit back and let Raven run and you’ll see new data every two weeks. Or fine-tune your date range to complement a niche project you’ve been working on. The choice is yours!

So check out Site Performance if you haven’t yet. Here are Jon provided 3 kick-ass ways to get started. If you’re not a Raven customer yet, sign up a free trial account and head to Metrics > Site Performance to check it out.

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