Did you know? How to monitor Google+ in Raven's Social Monitor

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Did you know? How to monitor Google+ in Raven’s Social Monitor

Since the advent of Google+, we’ve received a boatload of requests asking when or if Raven would support Google+ management in the same way that we support Twitter and Facebook. It’s, by far, the most frequently asked question in the Q&A chats during our weekly Raven walkthrough (shameless plug: every Thursday at 11 a.m. CST!).

Believe us, we’d like to. Way back in January, Raven’s Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw even highlighted it as part of our 2012 developmental roadmap.

The trouble is that our ability to develop a new social tool for Google+ management entirely hinges upon Google’s release of a fully featured API. Right now, we’re only able to view G+ data. But, until Google opens the data gates, did you know that you can use Social Monitor to monitor public posts made by G+ users?

  1. Navigate to Social > Monitor and create a search. 

Navigate to Social > Monitor

Social Monitor is powered by UberVU, which allows users to scan more than 20 sources for mentions of a given keyword or phrase. For a refresher on how to set up advanced Social Monitor searches, flip back to this post.

  1. Select your source.
Select your source

Once you’ve settled on your search term, click the “Source” box and scroll to the bottom of the list, where you’ll find “Google Plus.” I’d recommend leaving the “Type of Result” box on “Any” to make sure you’re getting all of the results possible from this source.

  1. Add any advanced settings.

Add any advanced settings

Social Monitor has a number of advanced settings that you can use to limit your search results, define the sentiment you’re looking for or set up alerts. The “Post Author” box doesn’t return any data for G+ users – uberVU doesn’t return G+ usernames in its results – so be sure to leave that field blank.

  1. Monitor.

Click “save” and your search will start pulling results from Google+. We’re only able to provide results from the point that you create your search forward.

Don’t forget, also, that Social Monitor is only able to discover public posts – meaning that the posts you limit to specific circles may not appear in the Social Monitor results.

It’s not quite being able to post up a storm to your Google+ stream, but we hope our Social Monitor tool will help you keep tabs on Google’s popular social network.

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