Did you know? How to change account owners

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Did you know? How to change account owners

All Raven accounts are tied to an account owner – the person in charge of managing the overall account who can perform actions and access sections that sub-users can’t.

Sometimes agencies or companies need to change the account owner. This is done by changing the contact details of the account. Here’s how to make this change.

Step 1: Determine your access

Usually an account’s username is tied to an email address, often a company email. If you have been left with login information for the Raven account, including username and password, log in as normal and continue to step 2.

In many cases when a user leaves the company, the Raven password for the account is not available. If this is the case, it can be reset from the master account.

If you do not have access to the email account of the previous owner:
Contact us at support@raventools.com.

If you do have access to the email account of the previous owner:
Type in the email address of the former account owner on the page login. Click the “Forgot Password” link.

The system will automatically send an email to the address tied to the account. Access the email account to click on the link provided and assign a new password.

Then log in to Raven with the new password.

Step 2: Change login

4. Navigate to Preferences > Change Login to enter the username of the new account owner of the account.

Step 3: Update contact details

Finally, update contact information under the Contact Details page.

A special note on sub-users

Raven does not allow multiple account holders to have the same username. If the new owner is a current Raven sub-user, you have two options.

1. Create a new username for the owner account, different from the one used under the sub-user account.

2. Change the sub-user account username and transfer the original username to the owner account.

Once you’ve done one of the above, you will need to de-activate the sub-user account to free up a subaccount from your account usage. Go to Preferences  > User Manager and click on the “De-activate” link.

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