Did you know? How to change a site's display name

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Did you know? How to change a site’s display name

When setting up a new website in Raven, the URL that you enter automatically populates as the website’s display name. But did you know you can change the way the website is displayed?

Changing the display name might not be a concern if your website’s URL is short. But longer URLs can be necessary because of certain targeted keywords, the lack of available shorter domains or the need to accommodate the name of a particular company.

Let’s say you’re working with a site with a lengthy domain name like this one.

Long URLs can get unwieldy to work with as you navigate throughout Raven.

And in the Report Wizard, the name of the domain overlaps with the logo, leaving the report looking cluttered and unprofessional.

Raven makes it easy for you to change the way the website is displayed. Simply go to Site > Settings, and in the Display Settings field add the name as you want it to appear.


This solution will not only allow you have a clean view in the application but also help you generate reports with an uncluttered look.


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