Did you know? How to add screenshots to Raven reports

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Did you know? How to add screenshots to Raven reports

Ever wanted to add a screenshot (or other image) to a Raven report?

Maybe there’s a new, niche Google Analytics reporting view that would really be nice to include for a client. Maybe you want to include a user-submitted photo from a social media campaign. Maybe you want to share a screenshot of the conversation generated by a social post that performed really well.

All of those scenarios – and many more – are totally possible. You can insert any image into a Raven report as long as you have the image’s URL.

Let’s go over the steps using a quick, hypothetical scenario…


Let’s imagine I’m working with a Raven employee named Bate Naker (totally made up character) who hasn’t been tweeting to his potential. He really needs some pointers.

I’m using Raven to show him his progress online and providing some analysis and tips in the summary options in Raven’s reporting modules. This infographic image I’ve found will really help steer him in the right direction.


To add the image into my report, here are the steps.

  1. Go to Reports > Wizard.
    report > wizard
  2. Name your report and click the “Build Your Report” button.build report
  3. Insert your chosen reporting module using the options on the left. Our hypothetical report is about Twitter performance, so we’ll use that module.
  4. Click the link under Summary.
    click summary
  5. Click the image button to insert an image.image icon
  6. Paste in the URL of your image.
    image properties

Tips on getting an image URL

If you don’t know the image’s URL or want to use an image that isn’t already online, here are few tips.

If the image is online but you don’t know its URL: 
Right-click it where it’s displayed online and click “Copy Image URL.” Then just paste the image URL into the URL field. (If it’s an image that’s not yours, make sure you get permission to use it.) 

copy image url

If it’s an original image that’s not online: 
You can use an online service such as WordPress or imgur.com to store an image online. For instance, in WordPress you can upload an image, then right-click it to get its Image URL.


    Once you have all your text and images in place, simply save the reporting module and run the report. That’s it!


    In what creative ways are you using the Raven summary fields in Raven reports?

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