Did you know? How to add a new user to Raven

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Did you know? How to add a new user to Raven

When using Raven in a team or agency, it works best for each member to have his or her own username and password. Managing multiple users this way not only increases your team’s accountability, but also lets you take advantage of Raven’s tasks and messages system that keeps teams in sync.

If you are an account owner or admin-level user, you can add new users (both full sub-users and read-only users) to your account anytime. Pro accounts are limited to four users total, giving you three open slots for additional users after the account owner. Agency accounts are allowed an unlimited amount of users. (Read-only users are free to add.)

Here’s how to add a new user:
1. Navigate to Main Settings > User Manager.

2. Click the “Add Sub-User” button(or click “Add Read-Only User” to add a read-only user).

3.Enter this user’s full name, email address and a password.

Click the checkboxes to send this user a welcome email or make them a global admin on this page (admin users can add and remove Profiles and users). Then click “Save User Settings.”Did You Know? New User Submission Form

4. Give your new user permissions.

This is set by two different areas: Default Role and Profile Role.

  • Did You Know: New User Default RoleDefault Role determines a user’s access to all Profiles and Websites in your Raven account. You might give a member of your team an “Unrestricted” default role so that they’re able to access newly created Profiles and Websites automatically. If you’re giving access to a client, on the other hand, you’d most likely want to choose the default role as “None.” 
  • Did You Know: New User Profile RoleProfile Role only applies only to the Profile that the role is set for, which is useful for limiting users’ access. Let’s return to that client. You want to give them access to their Profile, but not others. You can do this by setting their Default Role to “None” and their Profile Role to “Unrestricted” for that Profile.

5. Click “Save User Settings” to assign your permissions.

You can always edit a user’s permissions in User Manager. If a user no longer needs access to your account, you can remove them by clicking the “De-activate” link.

To get the most out of working with multiple users in Raven, read up on Role Manager, Tasks and Messages. And keep an eye out for our upcoming Campaign Alerts system, which will make working in Raven as a group easier than ever.

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