Did you know? Monitor select YouTube videos with Raven

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Did you know? Monitor select YouTube videos with Raven

If you’re engaged in video production for your marketing campaigns, you’re likely to be paying just as much attention to your YouTube metrics as Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve got you covered with Raven’s YouTube integration. By default, the data you see in both Metrics > YouTube and Social > YouTube are based around what is coming across from your channel.

But what if you have a particular video that is highly important to your campaign? With Raven’s advanced YouTube monitoring, you can track and report data for up to 10 individual videos, giving you access to historic data. Here’s how.

How to activate video monitoring

1. Navigate to Social > YouTube.
Did You Know: YouTube Navigation

2. Click the “Monitor” button next to the video that you’d like to monitor.

3. Click the title of the video to view metrics data.

Easy, right? There are just a few more things you need to know about advanced monitoring for YouTube. First, a maximum of 10 videos can be tracked per YouTube account. This is a limitation imposed by YouTube, so you’ll have to be choosy about which videos you want additional information on.

The second thing to know is that advanced monitoring gathers data from the point that you start tracking the video forward – no historic data is included. So, it’s a good idea to mark important videos for tracking immediately, upon upload, to avoid any chance of missing initial spikes.

Finally, if you remove tracking from a video, you won’t be able to report on it through Report Wizard, but your data will be preserved.

The metrics you’ll see


Each video set for advanced monitoring gives users access to four metrics: views, unique views, comment and favorites.

This data, broken up between views and activity, is displayed over a date range like in the other metrics tools. In addition to each data point, the graph also mashes up data from our Event Manager, to show how corresponding events in your campaign impacted (or didn’t impact) your YouTube video’s traffic.

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