Did you know? Filter out keywords from a Top Keyword report

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Did you know? Filter out keywords from a Top Keyword report

Dear Raven,

We are trying to set up reports for analytics traffic results using the top organic keywords reporting section.

In the “Keyword Filter” parameter is it possible to filter to 2 parameters? We want to exclude terms that include the brand, but there are two strings to exclude.

—David E.
Orange Line

Raven Google Analytics top keyword module

Dear David E.,

In the “Google Analytics: Top Keywords” Report Wizard module, you can use the “Filter by Keyword” field to filter down to one item or to filter out items.

Positive filtering

Use the “Filter by Keyword” text field to filter results to one keyword or phrase by typing in either a keyword or a phrase with quotations marks around it. You can only filter to one keyword or phrase when running a positive filter.

Negative filtering

filter out multiple top keywords in RavenYou can also filter out a keyword or phrase by including a minus sign before the keyword or phrase. For instance, Raven may want to exclude results related to the Raven football team in our Top Keyword report. To do this, we would type “-Baltimore” in the “Filter by Keyword” field.

You can filter out multiple keywords and phrases by separating negative items with a space. Here is an example:

-”keyword phrase” -keyword1 -keyword2

You can see more specific reporting details for Google Analytics in our Knowledge Base. If you run into any trouble, email us and we’ll help you out.

Thinking of you,

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