Did You Know? Enhancing your AdWords ads with Extensions

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Did You Know? Enhancing your AdWords ads with Extensions

Ever notice those little enhancements to traditional AdWords ads? It might be a phone number (which you could use for tracking) or some other component to your ad that helps it stand out amongst the rest. AdWords calls these enhancements “extensions,” which you can easily set up with Raven’s Ads tool.

AdWords Extensions

Raven’s Ads tool allows you to add three types of extensions to your ad: Location, Call and Sitelinks.

  • Use the Location extension to add your local business address and phone number. You can even add multiple locations to your ad and have AdWords display the closest one to the user.
  • Use the Call extension to include a phone number with your ad. You can set up unique phone numbers for each campaign. What’s great is this also allows searchers to click the number and instantly call you. This is especially useful for mobile users.
  • Use the Sitelinks extension to add other relevant pages from your website to your ad. In Raven’s case, we could add sitelinks to our pricing and signup pages to help get users to the pages they are most interested in faster. Raven AdWords Extensions

To add any of these extensions to your campaign, open up the campaign and click the “Extensions” tab in the table that displays the Ad Groups in your campaign. Fill out all of the relevant information and update your campaign. That’s it!

It’s important to note that these extensions aren’t free to use. You end up paying $1/click extra when using them.

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