Did You Know? Edit scheduled tweets and Facebook posts

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Did You Know? Edit scheduled tweets and Facebook posts

Back in February, we gave our social tools an overhaul, bringing Facebook and Twitter management into the style of our Social Monitor and Social Stream tools. But, more than that, we also added a handful of useful new features to those tools – including brand new Facebook insights, quick views and post scheduling.

You’re probably well aware of the ability to schedule content from all three of our social media posting tools (Facebook, Twitter and Social Stream), but did you know that you can easily edit any of your scheduled content from within Raven?

To edit your Facebook pending posts, navigate to Social > Facebook and click on “pending posts.” This is only clickable if you currently have at least one post pending for this tool.

Here, you’ll see a list of all of your pending posts, along with a history of every post that you previously scheduled.

If you see changes that need to be made, you can either edit the existing post or delete it entirely. To do this, click the gear icon next to the post and choose “edit” or “delete.” Anything you can do in the “New Post” box can be done in the “Edit Post” box – that inclues editing the text, scheduled time, link or even thumbnail photo.

It’s the same process for editing scheduled Tweets. Easy, right? There are two things that you should keep in mind when scheduling posts.

Remember where you scheduled your posts

We recommend picking a single domain as the designated place to schedule posts. Here’s why.

Let’s say that you’re managing a SEO and social media campaign for the band The Alabama Shakes. Because the band has multiple websites – among them an official site and a page on the popular streaming/e-commerce website Bandcamp – you have these websites set up individually in Raven.

Both of these websites have been set up with access to the band’s Facebook and Twitter pages, but you used the social tools associated with www.alabamashakes.com to schedule a handful of posts. These posts live on this website and this website alone. If you check the social tools under the Bandcamp website, you won’t find any of your pending posts.

This can get tricky when you’re managing multiple websites with the same Facebook page. Choosing one domain from which to schedule posts will keep your efforts organized.

Beware duplicate content

Because they are responsible social networks, Facebook and Twitter have very specific rules about when users are allowed to post duplicate content to their feeds. Which is to say: almost never. In order to stay vigilant against spammers and other nefarious Internet types, both Facebook and Twitter refuse to accept any posts that duplicate the content of a previous post.

Let’s say that Alison wanted to schedule tweets reminding users of our weekly walkthrough webinar:

Because of how Twitter’s API functions, she wouldn’t be able to just copy and paste that tweet over and over with no changes. What she could do, however, is schedule the same text of that tweet and change the links, thus having at least slightly unique content in each instance.

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