Did You Know? Discover contacts in Raven

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Did You Know? Discover contacts in Raven

Locating contacts for websites you’re prospecting for a link or other relationship can be a tedious job.

Raven users, however, are in luck: Our Discover Contacts feature helps you find contacts automatically, saving hours of digging around in search of email addresses associated with your target websites.

You can access Raven’s Discover Contacts tool in three places. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Link Manager

In Raven’s Link Manager (Links > Link Manager), you can discover contacts for a website whether you’re adding a new link or editing an existing link record.

To find contacts while adding a new link, click the Add Link button, fill out the information on the General and Description tabs, and on the Contact tab select the Discover New Contacts option.

Discover contacts with Raven

Using the URL you entered in the Website URL field on the General tab, Raven will search for contacts associated with the website.

Discover Contacts in Raven

When you select one of the contacts Raven returns, the information will populate in the Create New Contact field, and when you submit your new link the contact will be associated with the link and added to CRM.

To discover contacts for an existing link, open the link record, click Edit Link and select the Contact tab. Then select Discover New Contacts, and Raven will begin searching for email addresses associated with the website URL. Select a contact, click Submit and the contact will be associated with the existing link record and added to the CRM.

Chrome and Firefox Toolbars

Chrome: When adding a new link via Raven’s Chrome toolbar (Links > Add Link), click the Contact tab and then Discover New Contacts. Selecting the radio dial by name will autofill the Create New Contact form with the contact’s information, and when you submit your new link the contact will be associated with the link and added to CRM.

Discover contacts in Raven

If you are looking for contacts but don’t want to add a link yet, you can discover and add contacts without adding a link using the Chrome toolbar as well. Click the Contacts link on the toolbar and then select Discover Contacts.

Find contacts in Raven

Then, to add one of the discovered contacts to CRM, click the gear icon and select Convert to Contact.

Discover contacts in Raven with Chrome toolbar

Firefox: When adding a new link using the Firefox toolbar, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window to find the Contact section. Click the “contact discovery tool” link and Raven will search for contacts on the website. A spinning wheel indicates that Raven is searching the site for contacts (depending on the website, this can sometimes take several minutes).

Discover contacts in Raven



You can also have Raven find contacts for a website from within Raven’s CRM. Head over to the CRM and click the Discover Contacts button near the top of the page.

Discover Contacts in Raven

Enter a URL and click Search URL for Contacts. You’ll receive a list of up to 10 contacts for the URL you’ve entered. You can add a specific contact to CRM by clicking the gear icon and then selecting Convert to Contact, or you can select several and use the Bulk Actions menu to add multiple contacts to CRM at once.

Have you used Raven’s Discover Contacts feature? Let us know how it went in the comments.

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