Did You Know? Use custom types for better link reporting

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Did You Know? Use custom types for better link reporting

When it comes to reporting on links, you need more than general details to help measure your campaign. One of those important details is the type of websites you’re building links from. You’re probably not surprised to hear that it’s important to build links from trusted, relevant websites. But what you may not know is, Raven’s Link Manager can help you easily keep track of the types of websites your building links from.

By default, when you add a link to Raven you can classify both the link type and the website type using one of our general labels, such as “Blog Comment” for link type or “Corporate Blog” for website type. But you can also add or change these labels. For example, instead of saying you built a “Directory Link,” take it one step further and classify the website type as “Travel Directory” or “Real Estate Directory.”

To add a custom website type, open up any Link Record in Raven and scroll down to the Website Details section. Then just add the name of your custom website type and press “ok.”

Custom Website Type

Now when you run link reports in Raven, you’ll see the types of websites you and your team are and have built links from. Based on the performance of your SEO campaign, you can then make adjustments to the types of websites you’re building links from.

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