Did You Know? Create Quick Views in Social Stream

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Did You Know? Create Quick Views in Social Stream

With the recent update to Raven’s social tools we introduced Quick Views, which allow you to set up filters for viewing results in your Social Stream.

If you’re like us, you probably have several Social Monitor searches set up, which usually means a lot of checking and unchecking sources to minimize the number of results to scroll through in Social Stream. But now you can organize your Stream into separate views to make culling through your results easier and more efficient.

To create a Quick View, head over to Social > Stream and find the Sources navigation menu.

Raven Tools Quick View in Social Stream

Click the gear icon, and then click “Create new Quick View.”

Raven Tools Social Stream Quick View

Name your Quick View, and select the checkboxes for any Twitter or Facebook sources or saved searches you would like the Quick View to include. Click “Save” when you’re finished checking off sources to be included.

Raven Tools Social Stream Quick Views

Repeat these steps to create as many Quick Views as you’d like. Back in Social Stream, to filter to one of your Quick Views simply select it from the drop-down menu at the top of your Social Stream.

Raven Tools Social Stream Quick Views

To delete a Quick View, click the gear icon in the Sources navigation menu and select the Quick View you’d like to delete. At the bottom of the Edit Quick View pop-up, click the red “Delete” button.

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