Did you know? Create Paid Link Groups in Link Manager

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Did you know? Create Paid Link Groups in Link Manager

A couple of weeks ago, we released an update to Link Manager that gave Link Records the slick visual style of our new CRM tool, along with a few upgrades to make them even more useful.

But as fond as we are of the new CRM integrations that round out Link Records, it’s Paid Link Groups, a feature that we didn’t get much notice in the old version of Link Records, that we were most surprised to rediscover.

So what are Paid Link Groups and why are they useful?

Let’s say that you’ve built several links on a single page. These links may have different anchor text and destination URLs, but they’re pointing to the same place. A good example of this would be if you’re advertising multiple products on a single page, each linking to a different page off of your website. One option to manage these links would be to create individual records in Link Manager for each instance. That works fine, but you would be doing unnecessary extra work filling out the various sections of the record multiple times.

Instead, try creating a Paid Link Group:

1. Create your first link. Be sure to set the correct options and information for your link.

2. Instead of clicking “Submit,” click the “+” button to add another.

3. Add the Anchor Text and Destination URL for each instance.

4. Add any other details like descriptions or contacts that you want included in the links.

5. Click submit.

You’ll now have Link Records for each instance of your link. When you click on a link in a Link Group, you’ll see a new tab on the end reading “Link Group,” where you can easily see the status of links that have been banded together in Raven.

To view a link, click the gear icon next to that link and select “View Link.”

Keep in mind that this process only works for Paid Links. You can go through the same process to create organic links, but they won’t be collected in a group – they’ll just be created as individual links.

Link building made easier. It’s what we do at Raven. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

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