Did You Know? Create Custom Link Types and Website Types

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Did You Know? Create Custom Link Types and Website Types

You know what’s underrated? Organization. At the heart of every successful thing – Internet marketing, writing, deciding what to watch in your Netflix queue – there’s some kind of a system. For link building, Raven provides that system in the form of Link Manager.

While we’ve made a pretty good guess at the ways you might want to categorize your links (both in terms of the links themselves and the websites they’re on), you may want to create your own custom labels.

Did you know that you can create customizable Link Types, Website Types and Link Statuses? In this example, I’ll walk you through creating a custom Link Type.

How To Create Custom Link Types

Out of the box, Raven comes equipped with link types like Organic, Paid (Permanent), Paid (Temporary), Affiliate and a few others. These are designed to help you stay organized as you build more and more links to your site.

But every link building campaign is different. Maybe you’re focusing on guest posts and want a link type just for those. Maybe, like Ross Hudgens, you’d like a link reclamation link type:


No matter what link type you want, you can create it in Raven (provided you have admin access rights). Here’s how to quickly make it happen:

  1. Navigate to Link Manager and click the Customize Tool icon (the wrench icon).Link Manager: Customize Tool
  2. Depending on what you would like to add or edit, you can navigate to Link Statuses, Link Types or Website Types using the tabs.Link Manager: Custom Type Navigation
  3. Click the green Add Link Status button to add a new Status or Type.
  4. Enter the name for your new Status or Type. Don’t forget to choose whether or not you want your Link Type to be a paid type or not!Link Manager: Add Link Type
  5. Click Save.

Voila! A new Status or Type has been added to your account and is available for use in the dropdown menus for your link records.

If you ever need to delete a custom Status or Type, you can do that here as well. To delete multiple entries, click the checkboxes for the Statuses or Types you want to remove and select the delete link from the Bulk Actions menu.


Once you’ve created your custom Statuses and Types in Link Manager, you can drag and drop them into the order you’d like using the bar icon along the left.

Start using them on your links and you can then sort, filter and report on links based on those new types. No more shuffling around trying to find that one paid link from two years ago – it’s all available based on your specifications.

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Lance is a User Support Specialist at Raven Internet Marketing Tools. He spends his days assisting Raven users with their support requests, writing technical documentation and compulsively creating Spotify playlists. If you ask him nicely, he might make you a mixtape.

More about Lance Conzett | @RavenConz

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  • RavenCourtney

    A little social media bird might have tipped Lance off that this would be a good how-to post. ;) Glad Raven was able to provide what you needed for customized link building. And great post on link reclamation!

  • rosshudgens

    Thanks for the tip Lance and for linking to us here, also! You make it really easy to do this – I guess I’m just used to tools that aren’t that customizable. Glad you’re on the other end of that spectrum.