Did you know? How to use Raven's contextual messaging

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Did you know? How to use Raven’s contextual messaging

Have you ever found yourself sorting through data in one of Raven’s tools and saw something worth sharing? The problem with most tools is that you’ll have to either send someone a screenshot of what you found or write up all of the steps it takes to set up the report the same way you did.

But in Raven you can send another team member a message that will set up the data you were viewing in Raven exactly how you saw it – with just a click of a button.

We call them contextual messages.

A contextual message takes note of how you’ve customized your view of any data. That means all of the tables you have set up a certain way will be presented in the same format.

How to send a contextual message

Sending a contextual message is easy. All you need to do is click the Message icon in the Raven navigation menu once you have your data sorted the way you want.

Contextual Message

Then, simply type in the user or email you’d like to send the link to. Once that person clicks the link and logs in, they’ll be taken to the custom table view you set up!

Contextual Message Details

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