Did you know? Comparing and reporting ranking changes

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Did you know? Comparing and reporting ranking changes

Lots of Raven users want to report on how rankings change for their keywords over the course of each reporting period.

To make the most of Raven’s capabilities here, it helps to first know the meaning of all the metrics in your Raven rankings report.

Next, let’s talk about the various ways you can compare ranking changes and display those changes on your reports – both those generated from SERP Tracker or through the Report Wizard.

View ranking changes in SERP Tracker

Within SERP Tracker (Metrics > Ranking) you can view ranking changes across any given dates. Just click the Display Options icon:

Display Options

and you’ll see a section called Baseline, where you can choose from three options.

Compare to Last Week

Let’s take a look at all three.

Compare to Last Week: This option compares the current provided ranking results with those from the previous week.

Comparing ranking

No Baseline: This option is used to simply view ranking results for the current week. If you select no baseline, you will not be able to gather ranking changes.

Setting a Baseline

Fixed Date: With this option, you can compare your results to a specific date. In this example, we have added 10/1/2012 as the date of which to compare our current ranking data.

Use a Fixed Date

Unless you choose no baseline, the system will display the most up-to-date rankings and compare them to the rankings of the day set on the baseline. It will display a red or green arrow, depending if the ranking has increased or decreased, and a nominal number indicative of the change.

For instance, the keyword “schema.org” in the first example is reported as #14 in Google. This is the ranking as of the week 11/5/2012. To come up with the ranking change, Raven is comparing the current ranking to the ranking as of 10/29/2012, which is #11.

By clicking the Report Options icon in SERP Tracker, you can generate a report for the same data you are viewing.

Generate a report using the Report Wizard

The “Ranking SERP Tracker” module in Report Wizard allows you to generate a ranking report for any given date range and display ranking changes over time.

In order to display ranking changes, you will need to set up a Brand Template (Reports > Brand Template) and make your selection from the Rank Display Options. Once the Brand Template has been created, make it your default by clicking the Default link on the main Brand Template page.

If you see no changes indicated next to your keyword, that means the keyword did not experience a change for that the date range . If a keyword is just displaying a dash (-) it means that it was a “no match” for the date range. Since the system does not know the exact positioning of the keyword on that date, it cannot report the nominal increase or decrease in ranking.

Ranking changes are only available for the keywords you are tracking and for the site you are managing. We do not display ranking changes for the competitors you are tracking.


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