Did You Know? Choosing the Fresh or Historic Index in Backlink Explorer

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Did You Know? Choosing the Fresh or Historic Index in Backlink Explorer

Raven’s Backlink Explorer is a powerful tool that taps into data from Majestic SEO to find backlinks from around the web to a URL that you specify. Taking it a step further, you get to choose which database you’re interested in: The Fresh Index or the Historic Index.

The Fresh Index is a database that is updated daily and contains data from the last 30 days. It generally has fewer links for a URL than the Historic Index, but the links found in the Fresh Index tend to have a higher probability of being live since they were found more recently.

The Historic Index is Majestic SEO’s largest database of backlinks, containing data from as far back as June 2006. Because of its size, it’s only updated monthly.

To run your report, go to Link > Backlinks, where you’ll be prompted to choose the index you’d like to query. Enter your URL, choose either the Fresh Index or the Historic Index, and click the green “Explore” button.

Raven Backlink Explorer

Once your report has finished running, click “View” to review the backlinks that have been found for the URL that you entered.

Raven Backlink Explorer

To determine the index used in a previously run Backlink Explorer report, click on the URL of the report in the History table, and then click the blue “Details” link next to “Backlink Report.” This will display the index you queried for the report, along with the total number of backlinks found as well as the date the report was run.

Raven Backlink Explorer

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