Did You Know? Campaign variables for social media in Raven

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Did You Know? Campaign variables for social media in Raven

You’ve probably used Raven’s social media tools to post to Facebook and Twitter. But did you know how easy it is to track your campaigns right through Raven?

Campaign variables allow you to tag all the links you send out via social media channels to keep track of how they’re doing in Google Analytics. It’s a great way to find out which promotions are generating the most traffic/conversions. And Raven bakes campaign variables right into the Social Stream. Here’s how to use them.

Navigate to the Social Stream and click “Post to Your Stream.” Choose either Facebook or Twitter to post an update. Once you’ve written your update, click on the button on the right with three arrows.

  • Fill in the “Campaign source” field with the name of the social network you’re posting on, either Facebook or Twitter.
  • Fill in the “Campaign medium” field with a word that describes the source. You may want to call it something like “social” or “social media.”
  • Fill in the “Campaign name” field with information that will help you recognize the specific kind of product promotion or campaign the post relates to, like “blog,” “contest” or “one-day-sale.”

Shorten the link using the shortener button on the left and then post or schedule as usual. Now you’re sending data on that post to Google Analytics.

To see the results of your tracking, you’ll visit Google Analytics. Navigate to Traffic Sources and then Campaigns. Look for the campaign names you assigned in the “Campaign name” field. Clicking on any campaign will show you the breakdown of visits each of your different social networks brought.

One final note: Campaign variables work best with consistent naming conventions. Stick with the same names, capitalization, and singular or plurals throughout your campaigns to make your results easy to find and analyze.

Social media ROI: It’s possible, and Raven Tools is here to help you get there. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

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  • RavenCourtney

    June, I couldn’t do without it. In fact, I hope we’ll be adding campaign variables to more elements of Raven’s social tools soon!

  • June Macon

    This function is amazing. I can’t wait to try it out. I wish I new about it sooner :O)