Did You Know? Bulk-tagging in Raven

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Did You Know? Bulk-tagging in Raven

With the amount of data that you can analyze in Raven, tags are a huge organizational help. But if you haven’t been tagging consistently, don’t despair: You can bulk-tag your data to save time and effort.

What can be tagged in Raven:

  • Keywords (Site > Keywords)
  • Competitors (Site > Competitors)
  • Links (Links > Link Manager)
  • Events (Site > Events)

To begin, head over to the section in Raven that contains the data you’d like to bulk tag and click the “Export Data” icon (in Link Manager and Keyword Manager, choose your type of export as well).

Bulk-tag keywords in Raven

Open the downloaded CSV in your spreadsheet program and find the “Tags” column. Fill in the tags you’d like to apply to each piece of data; use commas to add more than one tag.

Bulk-tagging in Raven

Save your CSV, and in Raven click the “Import Data” icon. Upload your adjusted CSV, and your data will be tagged with your newly added tags.

Bulk-tagging in Raven

To remove a single tag, click the “X” next to the tag. To bulk-remove tags, go to Site > Tags and click “Remove” in the “Options” column for the tag you’d like to remove. This will remove the tag from any piece of data across the entire website.

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