Did You Know? Bulk remove tags in Keyword Manager

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Did You Know? Bulk remove tags in Keyword Manager

In our Did You Know series, in general we’ve covered how you can edit tags across Raven.

Now it’s time to focus on tags in Keyword Manager. To add a tag by uploading a CSV, you simply include the additional tag in the new CSV. For instance, let’s say this is your original CSV you export from Raven using the Export Data icon:


By uploading the CSV below, you’d be adding the new tag “urgent need”.

"cake","healthy,sweet,urgent need"

Ok, so we know how to add tags. To remove a single tag in Raven you can click the “X” next to the tag. But, did you know you can bulk remove tags in Keyword Manager by using the minus sign in a CSV file? Below are the steps:

Export a CSV of keywords

To get started, we need a CSV to edit.

  1. Go to the website you’d like to edit.
  2. Go to Site > Keywords
    site keywords
  3. Filter to a tag if you want to edit keywords by tag.
    select tags
  4. Click the Export Data Icon

Bulk remove tags with CSVs

Great, so now we have our CSV file. Let’s say our CSV file looks like this:

"cake","healthy,sweet,urgent need"
"cookie","healthy,sweet,urgent need"
"pile of sugar","healthy,sweet,urgent need,Oops did I eat that"
"kale","healthy,sweet,I don't know about this,This is not butter I was tricked"

If you’d like, you can upload your CSV to your favorite spreadsheet application like Google Docs to edit your CSV file. Or you can use a text editing program.

Let’s say we’ve realized some keywords have the tag “healthy” that shouldn’t, and our keyword “kale” accidentally has the tag “sweet.” We can simply add minus signs to tags that need removed like so:

"cake","-healthy,sweet,urgent need"
"cookie","-healthy,sweet,urgent need"
"pile of sugar","-healthy,sweet,urgent need,Oops did I eat that"
"kale","healthy,-sweet,I don't know about this,This is not butter I was tricked"

To commit the changes, save your CSV and upload it back to Raven using the Import Data icon.

import data

That’s it!

Build a report by tag

If you’re managing any ranking results in Raven, the tags for tracked keywords in Keyword Manager (Site > Keywords) will also appear in SERP Tracker (Metrics > Ranking).

This is powerful because not only can you filter your keywords by tag in Raven, you can also create PDF reports by tag. In Reports > Wizard when adding or editing a report, include a Ranking module. If you click the “Show More Options” checkbox, you can filter to a specific tag.

Here are details on how to bulk edit tags in Keyword Manager. Happy tagging!

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