Did You Know? Assigning links to read-only users in Raven

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Did You Know? Assigning links to read-only users in Raven

Raven’s Link Manager is an excellent way to organize all of your link-building efforts, and the option to assign links to a user is especially helpful if you have a large team of link builders.

You can easily assign links to sub-users on your account within Link Manager, but what happens if you want to assign links to clients or other read-only users?

This can be accomplished with a quick CSV export and import.

If you don’t have read-only users created for each of the names you’d like to assign links to, first head over to the User Manager and create a read-only user. Then assign or create a role for them (you can create a new role either by clicking the Edit Roles link on the Save User Details page that you’re taken to after creating a new user, or by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of Raven and going to Role Manager).

Raven User Details

Once you have your read-only users created, head over to the Link Manager at Links > Link Manager. Click on the “export data” icon, find the type of link export you’d like to create and click “export.”

Raven Link Manager Export Type

Open your CSV and find the Owner Name column. Find the links that you’d like to assign to a particular read-only user, and enter their full name in this column.

Raven adjust link record owner

Save your CSV, and head back to Link Manager. Click the “import data” icon and import your updated spreadsheet.

The links will be updated with the read-only user’s name under the “owner” column. Repeat these steps for each read-only user to whom you’d like to assign links.

Raven Link Manager

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