Did you know? Report multiple websites' rankings in one report

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Did you know? Report multiple websites’ rankings in one report

SERP Tracker is one of the most popular tools in Raven, but the advanced reporting options found in Report wizard are less well known.

By default, SERP Tracker reports include the basic data found in your account: your keywords, your search engines and their corresponding ranking results.

SERP Tracker reports can be altered to only show keywords with a particular rank or tag and bolstered with additional data from Google and a handy performance summary.

But perhaps the most useful (yet least used) function is the “Combined” option. Did you know that you can report on multiple websites’ ranking results in the same report? Here’s how.

    1. Create a new report in Reports > Report Wizard.
    2. Add a “SERP Tracker” module to your report.
    3. Edit the module and click the “Show More Options” checkbox to expand the edit options.

  1. Click the checkbox under “Combined” to activate aggregate reporting.
  2. Choose the websites that you’d like to report on. Only websites in the currently active Profile can be chosen.
  3. Save your changes and run your report.

Now, instead of only drawing from one website’s keywords, your report will draw from all available keywords across the websites that you chose to aggregate. If your websites have keywords that overlap (for instance, if you’re tracking three domains and two of them are tracking the keyword “social media monitoring tool”), the website ranked highest will display.

This is useful for a couple of reasons:

  • Let’s say that you’re managing multiple websites for the same brand or with the same theme. Several of these websites are tracking the same keywords, but you want to see which website is ranking highest for this keyword set. Just select the websites in question and run the report.
  • Alternatively, perhaps you’re tracking keywords for multiple websites that do not have any keyword crossover. You can use aggregate reporting to display the data from any website in your Profile – with or without including the original. Aggregate reporting only requires one website to be active, so if you’re running a report for DomainA.com and you want to also have data from DomainB.com, you can make that happen.

When running aggregate reports, keep in mind that there are some limitations. First, side-by-side competitor data is not available. Second, only the website that you’re running the report on can display movement data. For example, if you’re running a report on DomainA.com with data from both DomainA.com and DomainB.com, only DomainA.com will show arrow/number comparison data.

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