Did You Know? 3 places to track ranking results usage

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Did You Know? 3 places to track ranking results usage

SERP Tracker is such a useful tool that you could easily use up your allotted ranking results faster than you expected. As a reminder, ranking results are calculated by the number of keywords you’re tracking in SERP Tracker multiplied by the number of search engines you’re tracking them across. So, for example, if you’re tracking 10 keywords across Google, Yahoo and Bing, this would count as 30 keyword ranking results deducted from your account limit.

Depending on your plan, you’re allotted either 1,000 (Pro) or 2,500 (Agency) ranking results per month across your entire account. We want you to stay in control of your account, and we have provided a few places within Raven for you to track your ranking results usage.

Usage Page: You can get to this page by navigating to Main Settings > Usage or by clicking the “View usage” link at the top of the Keyword Manager. On the usage page, you can see how many ranking results your account is using, the maximum number of ranking results you’ve used in the month and an estimate of overage costs if you’ve gone above the number of what’s included with your plan.

Raven Internet Marketing Tools | Account Usage Page

Keyword Manager Notice: Found at Site > Keywords, the Keyword Manager features a notice near the top of the page that lets you know the number of ranking results remaining for the account.

Raven Internet Marketing Tools | Remaining Ranking Results

When you have reached the limit allowed on the plan, the message will change to tell you that.

Ranking Results Usage Icon: Also found in the Keyword Manager, clicking this icon will bring up a window that breaks down your ranking results into usage by account, profile and website. It’s a great way to get a quick glimpse into how many ranking results a certain profile or website is responsible for.

Raven Internet Marketing Tools | Ranking Results Usage

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