Dear Santa, SEM style


Dear Santa, SEM style

Letter to Santa
Whether in a white hat, black hat or white-tufted red hat, everyone loves the holiday season. (YanLev/iStockphoto

‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving and all through the mall, bargain smart shoppers were heeding the call. Black Friday brings sales and a spirit of giving. Only question is what do you give a loved one with everything? For the happy-go-lucky SEM in your life, it helps to just ask ─ or take these SEMs’ advice. Professional, personal, priceless or free, here are a few things to put under the tree.

We all relate to Joe’s wish, simple and sweet:

“More time. And I want a 3 Musketeers Candy Bar.”

─ Joe Hall, founder and CEO of and 22 Media

Ian’s wish, meanwhile, may be more of a feat:

“Teleportation, so I never have to fly cross country again, and a straight answer, from any search engine, about link spam. Even ‘we have no freaking idea.’ ”

─ Ian Lurie, president of Portent Interactive

Michelle makes an appeal for a quality push:

“I wish more people would practice what they preach. The disconnect between what I see written about social media, and what I see practiced in social media is fairly large. I also wish content farms weren’t.”

─ Michelle Robbins, director of technology, Third Door Media Inc.

Sweet-talking Marty knows how to make a girl blush:

6 Weeks a Year of Hilton Grand Vacations Properties in Europe for Life, 3 Extra Hours Every Fri., a case of Far Niente Dulce, Want LinkedIn to remove random captchas for 72 hours for data extraction, better Facebook demographic research UI, Google’s old AdWords KW research tool restored …and a half hour alone with Virginia Nussey to talk about politics, religion, family and beer.”

─ Marty Weintraub, founder and president of aimClear Search Marketing

Susan wants a chance to deliver some coal:

“What I really want for Christmas is something quite small, hardly even worth mentioning. I want to remove the L and O keys of anyone who regularly uses lol as punctuation. Call it a three strikes rule. Three ‘I saw a bunny today. It was fluffy lol’ instances and your keys are gone. Poof. That would be a Christmas miracle.”

─ Susan Esparza, managing editor, Bruce Clay Inc.

And the SOSG king shines his heart of gold:

“Professionally I’d like to see less drama and hype in the SEO world and a greater interest in actually educating ourselves on how search engines actually work. Bring a higher level of respect for this ‘thing of ours.’

“From the engines? I’d be ever so happy to see existing rate of (massive) changes to continue. the job of SEO has gotten more and more involved after the last while which is exciting. Hopefully we can have a whole bunch more of the same next year as well. SEO is dead? Not bloody likely…

“And last but not least, I’d like to continue to meet more and more great search geeks. The people in this business are some of the best around and I look forward to meeting more of them.”

─ David Harry, SEO and founder of the SEO Dojo

Hard at work all year long was the Raven Tools team, so Santa, take a hint, if you know what I mean.

Alison makes it easy to gift lobby:

“Hulu Plus on the XBox. Or you can just go to my Amazon wish list. It’s how my mom buys all my Christmas presents.”

Greg wants to further his hobby:

“An absinthe fountain to continue my obsession.”

Phil has just one wish:


Arienne can’t decide which color to pick:

“I placed a deposit for the Happy Owl Studio Clutch Blue, but since they’re still in production overseas and the Clutch Red is going to be delivered first, I’ll take a red one, too. Or the Wallet Black for plain days.”

Irene wants to kick back and relax:

“After being introduced to PHP by Phil on our way to Las Vegas (PubCon) I became very intrigued. So a PHP class would be nice. Just kidding! I would like books, lots and lots of books. I love to read! And if I could get ‘time’ to go with it, it would be just perfect.”

Nate just wants to use his Mac:

“For Christmas, I want a Kinect for the Xbox (do you think there is going to be some marketing strategy behind the Kin phone and the Xbox Kinect?).

“For SEO/SEM, I want AdCenter to be worth a damn. I want the AdCenter Excel plugin to work on a Mac without me having to install Windows onto my Mac, which is their only solution. I want their Advertising Intelligence tools to work on a Mac.”

Isaac would like a new toy:

Blackberry Playbook.”

Taylor has an SEO dream we’ll all enjoy:

“The number one thing on my Christmas list is the AR.Drone. I don’t think there is anything in this world as amazing as this. A close number two is tickets to the NHL Winter Classic in Pittsburgh at Heinz field. An outdoor hockey game in an awesome stadium that features Crosby vs Ovechkin. I’d make this number one if the tickets weren’t impossible to get.

“As for SEO/SEM dreams: I dream of the day that Google gets a solid competitor and can push them to do better and not have millions of websites and businesses dependent on them. I think Bing is headed that way, and part of my wishlist for 2011 is to see how they improve their analytics offering and webmaster tools.”

Jon, meanwhile, is a wishful thinker.

“Personal Wishes:
1. I want a MaciPad Air. Super gluing the two devices together will work for me. Either way, it will be lighter than my current notebook.
2. A delicious beer with no calories. I’m thinking something like Splendohol.

SEO Wishes:
1. That Google won’t make *any* changes with how they handle exact match domains (EMDs).
2. Same as 1, but with Bing.”

And me? All I want is a comment or two from you stinkers. ;)

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