Dear Raven, Will you add this feature?

Dear Raven, Will you add this feature?

Dear Raven,

AWeber is one of the top email marketing platforms in my opinion, so I’d like to know if you would support it within Raven? One of the best features in AWeber is its analytics, tracking and reporting, and since Raven users LOVE analytics, tracking and reporting so much, I think it makes sense to integrate the two.

Tom Weyers

Dear Tom,

Thanks for writing to us. We are always looking for feedback from folks using Raven. It helps inform which sections could use more love and which features we can add to Raven to save you time and money. We believe Raven is great, but there is always room to improve on a great thing.

Our Email Metrics section currently integrates third-party e-mail marketing campaign services Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. I can see how being able to interface with AWeber as well would be helpful, especially if you are getting a lot of value out of it. I’ll make sure our product innovation team sees this. We review and consider all feature requests, and we will contact you if we have any questions.

Browsing our blog or change log will show we are aggressively adding new features to Raven.

We gets thousands of messages a year with small and large bits of advice on how we can improve Raven, and we listen. In fact, user feedback has played a large role in many of the features you see in Raven. To name few: the powerful reporting options in Report Wizard, Link Manager upgrades and the new Raven Ads section.

Not only does feedback inform large sections of Raven, things like our ranking results search engine list would not be as robust and current without user feedback. We currently have more than 100 specific search engine options in Metrics > Ranking.

So, thanks, and keep the feedback coming! If you have a feature you’d like to see added to Raven, you can fill out our quick feature request form anytime. You can click the “Report an issue” icon in Raven to send us feedback. You can also email us at

Thinking of you,

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Nathan T. Baker
Content Marketing Specialist

Nate is Raven's Content Marketing Specialist. He writes during the day and plays board games at night.

Nate is Raven's Content Marketing Specialist. He writes during the day and plays board games at night.