Dear Raven, Why does keyword search volume vary?

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Dear Raven, Why does keyword search volume vary?

Dear Raven,

Is there a reason I would see such a large difference in search volumes between keyword research and SERP Tracker?

Thanks so much.

—Kregg K.

Dear Kregg K.,

Since we have a large number of tools available on our platform, broad terms like “volume” can mean different things depending on the source of the data and the corresponding definition. In this case, SEMRush and Google use the term very differently.

The Research Assistant is powered by SEMRush, which is reporting the “average volume” as if you were search on their tool directly.

The SERP Tracker shows the average volume for local and global monthly searches from Google Adwords.

Google reports the global monthly searches as “the approximate 12-month average of user queries for the keyword on Google search. This data is specific to your Keyword Match Type selection;” SEMRush is reporting an average volume, which they define as “the average number of queries of this keyword in a month, for the corresponding local version of Google.”

I say all of that to show you that each company is filtering and organizing data differently, and likely using different sources to arrive at different numbers. And that’s why they may be different in the Raven system.

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