Dear Raven, what's the difference between 'UK' and 'UK Only' ranking results?

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Dear Raven, what’s the difference between ‘UK’ and ‘UK Only’ ranking results?

Dear Raven,

What is the difference between Google UK and Google UK only?

Cindy T.

Cindy T.,

To track keywords on Search Engine Results Pages with the Raven Tools SERP Tracker, you choose the search engines you would like tracked in Ranking > Search Engines. Some of the options for Google have the word “only.”

The best way to think about this is from the perspective of the person searching on Google. In Google’s advanced search options, you can select to filter results to a region.

So in Raven,

“United Kingdom” gives results as if you search from

“United Kingdom (UK only)” gives results from, and filters to only UK-based websites as if you were to select “United Kingdom” as the location in advanced Google Search.

Any search engine with “only” works in the same ways, such as Australia (AU Only), Canada (CA Only), New Zealand (NZ Only) and South Africa (ZA Only). For more information, including how to pause a search engine, check out our Search Engine documentation.

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