Dear Raven, What types of keyword traffic can I report?

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Dear Raven, What types of keyword traffic can I report?

Dear Raven,

“I am creating an extensive keyword report and I was wondering, what is the difference between the following two options for showing Google Analytics under the “Ranking: Keyword History” module?

  1. Show Matching Engine Traffic
  2. Show All Search Traffic

Thank you!
— Thomas R.

Thomas R.,

As you know, here’s how you can report the history of a keyword’s search engine results:

  1. Go to Reports > Wizard.
  2. Add or edit a report.
  3. Add a “Ranking: Keyword History” module.

If you have Google Analytics synced for a Website, in the “Ranking: Keyword History” module there will be a “Google Analytics” menu. This is where you can opt to include Google Analytics keyword data alongside your keyword search engine ranking data.

In Metrics > Google Analytics > Keyword, you can can click on a keyword link for more details. This is where you can see how the visits for a keyword break down per search engine.

As you pointed out, the “Google Analytics” menu in the “Ranking: Keyword History” module allow you to either “Show Matching Engine Traffic” or “Show All Search Traffic.” Below are example of these options applied to a report.

Show Matching Engine Traffic divides up visits per search engine. Notice how the the two traffic graphs vary.

Show All Search Traffic shows total keyword visits for all engines in each ranking report.

If you want to learn all our Report Wizard can do, check out the reports section of our Knowledge Base.

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