Dear Raven, What time of day do scheduled reports go out?

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Dear Raven, What time of day do scheduled reports go out?

Raven Scheduled Report

Dear Raven,

We set up a scheduled report yesterday to be delivered today for one of our clients, but we didn’t receive it (nothing in spam or regular inbox).

Is there a specific time of day that scheduled reports are emailed out?


—Raven User

Dear Raven User,

All scheduled reports will be delivered by the end of the day.

During the average day, reports are sent in early morning, but depending on volume and other factors, reports can arrive in the afternoon or later. The average time of day can change in the future, of course, and it will fluctuate per day, but you can always expect reports the same day they are scheduled.

Let us know if you don’t see a report by the end of the day it’s scheduled. We can help you verify the settings are configured correctly in Reports > Wizard.

Rarely there is an issue with an email address being added to a No Send list by our mail provider. This could happen, if for instance, your email client has been trained to see general Raven email notifications as spam. You can modify notifications in Raven in Main Settings > Change Notifications.

We have a Knowledge Base article on our Report Wizard if you’d ever like to review Raven reporting.

Thinking of you,

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