Dear Raven, How do I report on AdWords metrics?

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Dear Raven, How do I report on AdWords metrics?

Dear Raven,

Hi, we’re trying to run an AdWords report for a client within our Raven account. We have managed to link to the AdWords account OK, and Raven can see the AdWords account OK, but we’re getting a message inside Raven saying ‘No data matched the date range for this analytics account’…but by logging directly into AdWords we can see that there has been activity…Any help gratefully received…thanks.

—Russell H.

Dear Russell H.,

Due to how a few Google APIs are set up, you must authorize two linked Google accounts to see the AdWords metrics we have in Raven.

This “No PPC data matched…” error most likely means you may have missed one of the steps below.

Raven Adwords error no data matched

How to set up AdWords metrics

  1. Outside of Raven, link your Google Analytics account to the corresponding AdWords account if it’s not already.
  2. Go to AdWords Metrics in Raven by going to Metrics > Google AdWords. Or if you’re in the Ads section already, you can click the “Connect to Google Analytics” link.

  3. Select a Google Account. If you already have Google Analytics tokens set up in Raven you can select one, or click the “Authorize a new Google Account not in this list” link to set up a new Google Analytics account from within Raven.
  4. Grant Raven Access to the associated Google Account. Make sure you are logged into the Google account that has access to the Google Analytics account you’d like to associate with the current Website. If so, click the “Grant access” button.

  5. Go to Metrics > Google AdWords to see your AdWords metrics!

Now you’ll be able to add AdWords modules when setting up reports in Report Wizard. We also have a Knowledge Base section on Raven Ads if you’re just jumping in.

If you run into any trouble, email us and we’ll help you out.

Thinking of you,

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