Dear Raven, How do I not get lost in your new Ads section?

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Dear Raven, How do I not get lost in your new Ads section?

Dear Raven,

As you know Google AdWords has a massive amounts of data, especially if you have multiple campaigns. Is there a guide or something that shows me how to navigate and get around in what Raven is interfacing with?


—Raven User

Dear Raven Customer,

Having the ability to track and manage ads on Google’s advertising network from within Raven can make your online marketing workflow more centralized than ever. But you’re quite right. There can be a lot of information in an AdWords account.

In general, check out Raven Customer Care for webinars and resources on new tools. Also, our Knowledge Base has a Raven Ads section if you want help getting set up or if you have questions along the way.

We designed Raven Ads with the following features to help you get around:


Raven Ads Breadcrumb links

In AdWords, the hierarchy of information is as follows: Campaigns > Ad Groups > Ads. When you navigate deeper within Raven Ads, Breadcrumb links will appear at the top of a page so you always know your context. This is true when managing a campaign and when viewing metrics.

Date range

Raven Date Range
Another global feature is the Date Range menu. Click to create date boundaries for all metrics within Raven Ads. You can set the Date Range to Today, Yesterday, This Week (Sunday-Today), Last 14 Days, Last 30 Days, Last Business Week, Last Week (Sunday-Saturday), This Month, Last Month and Custom Date. Changing the date range in one place in Raven Ads will change the date range for all Raven Ads pages within a Website.

Display options

Raven Display options
Whenever you see a table of data in Raven Ads, you can click the “Display options” icon to turn columns of information on or off. Roll over a column title for a definition or visit our Raven Ads Glossary for more clarity.


Raven Search
Use the search function to filter to specific data by a keyword.

We hope these global features help you never get lost in Raven Ads. As always, if you have a question, email and we’ll help out. Also, if you know of a way to make Raven Ads better, we’d love your feedback!

Thinking of you,

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