Dear Raven, How am I billed for ranking results?

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Dear Raven, How am I billed for ranking results?

Dear Raven Tools

Great question, especially if you’re wanting to know how you’re billed for SERP results according to your current plan. The two factors we use to calculate your monthly keyword results are:

  1. The number of search engines set up for your Websites.
  2. The highest number of keywords you set up to track with our system on any day during the month.

I’ll break it down further…

Search engines: Let’s say that during the month you track 10 keywords across 3 search engines. Each query per search engine counts as one ranking result, so in this example you would have used 30 total ranking results this month. You can add or remove search engines for a Website at anytime.

Amount of keywords: We bill based on the maximum number of keywords you set up for tracking on any day during the month. Say you have 30 total ranking results on April 4. On April 17, you add more keywords and are set up to track 60 results. Change your mind on April 29 and drop down to 30 again? The total amount of ranking results would still be 60, based on the day you set up the most keywords for tracking.

Phrases are one keyword: If you are tracking the keyword “You also smell quite lovely,” we see this as one keyword, not five.

Competitor results are included: If you track competitor keyword results alongside your own results, these don’t count towards your total ranking results.

You can always check out your current usage in Raven by going to Settings > Usage or change your plan to maximize your savings.

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This week's installment of the Dear Raven column features artwork by Jeff Crump.

You can always us at whenever you have a question about how to use our system.

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  • Nate Baker

    @Jeff Great question. This is correct. If it’s been more than 30 minutes since you’ve added new keywords and you are still missing results, you can try rerunning your keywords by clicking the “Rerun Keywords” link. Doing this does *not* count as additional results in our system.

    New keywords added should have data within 30 minutes. Keywords in general are updated once a week and new results appear no later than Wednesday. You can hover over the individual ranking result to see the last date we have pulled data for.

    For reference, our help document on SERP Tracker explains how to use the “Rerun Keywords” feature and more:

    Thanks for the question!

  • Jeff Bronson

    Since ranking is based upon the highest number of keywords tracked in the system during the month, I assume clicking “run again” has no effect on cost. Is this correct?