Dear Raven, do SERP Tracker dashboard results differ from SERP Tracker reports?

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Dear Raven, do SERP Tracker dashboard results differ from SERP Tracker reports?

Dear Raven,

I am wondering why the SERP Tracker dashboard often reports more keywords ranking for each segment (1-3, page 1, etc.) than are listed in the full SERP Tracker report.

–Raven customer

Dear customer,

Thanks for the question. The short answer is, it depends how many search engines on which you are tracking keywords, and on which keywords you are reporting.

Here is more detail:

I’ll use the image above as an example.

First of all, the data is based on the latest date in the date range. The baseline numbers are changes based on the previous month.

Next, the “Ranked 1-3″ column shows the number of results ranked in No. 1, 2 or 3 positions on Page 1, not total results for Pages 1-3.

Now, here’s where things can get tricky. Take a look at the 1st Page column. The numbers being reported are the number of results for all the search engines you’re tracking. So in this example, there are 39 results on the 1st Page for all search engines you’re tracking. This means you could only have 20 keywords with 39 results across different search engines among them. For instance, 20 results could have come from Google and 19 from Bing to give you a total of 39 results.

This is why when you filter to see keywords ranked on a certain page (and then report on that), you’ll often see fewer keywords than the total amount of results from all search engines.

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