Currency Conversion for E-Commerce — Made Easy

Currency Conversion for E-Commerce — Made Easy

In the past couple of years, it’s become a lot easier to set up an e-commerce website. Most e-commerce packages provide an easy installation path and greatly simplify the process of adding inventory and taking an online store live. However, the difficulty for many of these stores is when they decide to sell their goods globally. For example, what happens when a merchant is located in the United States, but wants to start selling in the United Kingdom? That’s where Dynamic Converter comes in.

E-Commerce Packages

Dynamic Converter provides one of the easiest and most powerful currency converters for e-commerce. Dynamic Converter supports a multitude of e-commerce packages, some of which include:

  • ProStores
  • ezimerchant
  • NetSuite
  • Actinic
  • osCommerce
  • CRE Loaded
  • XCart
  • eCartsoft
  • eCorner
  • ZenCart
  • MonsterCommerce
  • and many more!


Their solution integrates directly into any of their supported e-commerce packages and only requires a small bit of code and some minor modifications. There are several ways that their currency converter can be integrated into a store. For example, you can add a Convert link underneath the price of an item. When the user clicks on the link, a modal window appears, allowing the user to select their currency. After selecting their currency, the price automatically changes to their selection.

Currency Conversion Example


Pricing for this service is very affordable. So affordable that the first tier is free. The free account supports up to 10,000 requests per month, but requires you to show their Dynamic Converter button. The fee based packages start at $13.00/mo and include unlimited requests.

As with most sponsored reviews on Sitening — like this one — we only review products and services that we like and can recommend. I highly recommend checking out Dynamic Converter if you’re in the need for a simple, powerful and affordable currency conversion solution.

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.