How to capture leads with Wufoo in Raven's new CRM

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How to capture leads with Wufoo in Raven’s new CRM

Raven’s new CRM includes a Leads tool that makes it easy to convert leads into manageable contacts. I’m going to show you how to automatically capture leads in the new CRM using Wufoo forms.

Why Wufoo?

WufooIntegrating Wufoo was at the top of my list when we were choosing the lead sources we wanted to include in the first iteration of our CRM. They have a freemium model, which allows anyone to use their service, and their form creation and hosting product is amazing.

Using Wufoo Forms

After you create a form in Wufoo, the next step is to place it on your website. They provide several options for adding the form, including the ability to embed it or have it displayed as a popup window. To get the form code, click on the Forms tab and then click on the Code link.

Wufoo Form Page

Then select and choose your preferred method for sharing the form.

Wufoo Form Sharing Options

Adding Wufoo forms to WordPress

While you can add the Wufoo embed code directly to a WordPress post, it can break depending on how you add it. To ensure your code doesn’t break, you should install the Wufoo Shortcode Plugin and use Wufoo’s own WordPress Shortcode.

Wufoo WordPress Shortcode

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can paste the WordPress Shortcode into any post or page.

WordPress Shortcode for Wufoo

The form will then appear on the page you saved it on.

Wufoo Form on WordPress

Importing Wufoo leads into the CRM

In order to import the form data into the Leads section of the CRM, you will need to provide your Wufoo API key and your account’s subdomain. To get the API key in Wufoo, click on the Forms tab, and then click on the Code link.

Wufoo Form Page

On the main form code page, click on the API Information button. You will see your API key.

API Information

Wufoo API

Copy the key and paste it when Raven prompts you to enter it. (And yes, I’ve already reset my key!)

Wufoo API Request

Wufoo by Proxy

Wufoo supports sending form data directly to MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. That means you can create a custom form with Wufoo, send the data directly to MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, and Raven can get the data directly from your MailChimp or Campaign Monitor account instead of Wufoo.

Converting Leads into Contacts

When new leads are available, they will appear in the CRM summary panel.

Lead Summary Number

Clicking on the number will take you to the Leads tool and display the new leads.

Lead Manager

You can view individual leads, and then choose to convert them to a contact record or ignore them (which will remove them from the list). You can also bulk convert or bulk ignore leads.

Convert Lead

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