Conversion Tracking Made Easy


Conversion Tracking Made Easy

One of my favorite new features of Raven is Conversion Tracking, located in the Analytics section. Similar to how Google AdWords conversion tracking works, Raven is able to easily track conversions, like signups and purchases.

We recently used this for TweetStalk and were able to track where all of our signups were coming from — both organic and from sites we seeded links on. In fact, one of the key reports we were able to produce was how many conversions were created from links recorded in the Link Manager (the tool used to keep track of any links created throughout the course of any given SEO campaign).

After the first day TweetStalk was launched, we saw 22.3% of our signups come from direct links, 22.3% come from Twitter, 20.1% come from TechCrunch and 6.7% come from Google. And, unsurprisingly, “tweetstalk” was the number one converting keyword search from search engines.

While TweetStalk only tracks signups (it’s not a fee based service), the Raven tracking and conversion code can also track purchases. This is an example of how purchase conversions are tracked. The beauty of Raven is that it will sort out overall conversions from conversions created by the campaign, which can in turn help you report another metric in regards to SEO ROI.

Purchase Conversion Tracking Example

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