Conversational Point/Counterpoint


Conversational Point/Counterpoint

Yesterday I wrote “every brand should be participating in the conversation!” and today I read an article in Advertising Age about how it really doesn’t matter. Oh. Well ok then.

But the article does raise some fair points. While we in the industry might be existing in a social media bubble all day every day, it still has yet to reach mass adoption. The numbers, as much as we might want them to, don’t lie:

For example, in the past month, the Twitter community has been titillated by South by Southwest, AT&T, “Lost” and the redesign of Missing from the list are things the Communispace and Lightspeed surveys, both separately commissioned on Ad Age’s behalf, found that the general population is fired up about, such as the AIG bonuses and the bank-bailout plans.

There’s also the straight numbers game: While 64% of Communispace respondents had heard of Twitter, only 6% used it. The Lightspeed responses indicated even fewer users had heard of it (3%), and most of the 58% who had knew of it from someone they know or — get this — TV.

While it may be a harsh reality to live in for someone such as myself who lives and breathes community, to the article I counter with this: just because it is a small cross section of your overall audience, does that mean their voice has no credence in your brand? Your most vocal and tech savvy supporters (or even dissenters) are going to be your biggest cheerleaders as well. Just merely engaging with them on a small level could pay huge dividends for your company.

The article gives us these tips on “how to listen and respond more effectively” to your consumer:

-Know your consumers’ social media habits
-Have a response mechanism in place
-Look for changes in chatter
-Pinpoint passion

Advice I think any marketer should live by.

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