Control Facebook Photo Tagging for Reputation Management

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Control Facebook Photo Tagging for Reputation Management

Recently several of my friends have been uploading and tagging some classic images of the past on Facebook that include my ugly mug. I promise, none of these photos are compromising or incriminating in any way. In fact, they are memorable moments of my life.

Facebook provides a powerful and user friendly way of connecting with friends and sharing your current life as well as the past. However, there may be situations where you want to control how your name or a client’s name can be associated with a Facebook photo.

  • You are helping a client with reputation management
  • You are in the job market and seeking employment
  • You are running for political office
  • You don’t want your children to see the debauchery you have participated in
  • You don’t want your parents to see the debauchery you have participated in
  • You want to participate in Facebook but want a little privacy

Facebook allows you, the user to have tight control over who can see photos tagged of you by other users. To access your photo tagging preferences select the following:

  1. Settings
  2. Privacy » Manage
  3. Pivacy » Profile
  4. Photos Tagged of You »
    • My Network and Friends
    • Friends of Friends
    • Only Friends
    • Customize…

For total control of who can view Facebook photos tagged of you select Customize…

  1. Customize… »
    • Friends of Friends
    • Only Friends
    • Some Friends
    • Only Me
  2. Networks »
    • All of My Networks
    • Some of My Networks
    • None of My Networks

If you are a model citizen and the perfect member of society like me then you have nothing to worry about since no embarrassing or incriminating photos exist or have ever. If you have a shady past or your client is going through some rocky public relations then you have some options about what images are visible and taggable on Facebook.

Tip: You can also customize who can view your user photo albums as well.

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