Content curation in 20 minutes a day


When it comes to pop culture, I’m an ignoramus.

Not Courtney Seiter, Raven’s community manager and longtime rain on my “Did you hear that…?” parade. I share a YouTube video with 2,000 page views and she’s all, “Yeah, I saw that. Funny!” I send her a link to an album that dropped an hour ago and she says, “I’m sooo excited that band is going to play Nashville — I have tickets already!”

Bottom line: Courtney hears it first and shares it first. Annoying. But if I get strategic with Raven’s social tools about Courtney’s second favorite subject – adorable animals – I just might find an article, photo or video she hasn’t already seen.

Meanwhile, you’ll learn how to use Raven’s Social Monitor and Chrome toolbar for fast content curation. Plus, you’ll see how you can track the content you have shared.

Content curation with Raven

Step 1: Find the right keywords

Our starting topic, then, is “cute baby animals.” What similar terms do people use? Let’s head to Raven’s Research Central and type “cute baby animals” in to get ideas.

Research Central Keyword Research

We’ll head right to the AdWords tab:

Research Central Keyword Research

Here I see the Google AdWords keywords related to the exact “cute baby animals” keyword. I get ideas galore to save for the Social Monitor search I’m going to set up later, including:

  • cute animal pics
  • baby animals funny
  • cute pet videos
  • wild baby animals
  • adorable animal pictures
  • cutest baby animal
  • cute pet photos

Some searchers are specific about the cute baby animals content they want, such as really cute baby animals … cute little baby animals … too cute baby animals … cute baby animals falling asleep.

Research Central Keyword Research

I can click on any of these terms to run a Research Central query, but, really, how many more keywords for cute baby animals do I need?

Step 2: Set up Social Monitor searches

Now that I have the list of keywords I want to monitor, I can start the process of a) finding content, b) evaluating that content and c) sharing content on social media networks. We’re going to use Raven’s Social Monitor to find the content.

I go to Social Monitor and click the green button for “New Search.”

Social Monitor New Search 1

A single Social Monitor search can handle up to five keywords or phrases at a time, separated by AND or OR. Each keyword in a multiple-keyword search works best with quotes around it. This what I enter into the Search Term field: “cute animal pics” OR “baby animals funny” OR “cute pet videos” OR “wild baby animals” OR “adorable animal pictures.”


I have 10 keywords I want to monitor total, so I’ll create a second search with these terms: “cutest baby animal” OR “cute pet photos” OR “baby animal pitchers” OR “cute little baby animals” OR “baby animals falling asleep.”

That’s it! Raven’s Social Monitor is powered by uberVU, which automatically starts monitoring more than 20 social networks for more than 20 types of results. It doesn’t search backwards, so I’ll need to let the search run for a couple of days. Basically, I just have to sit back and wait.

Step 3: Evaluate content

A few days later, I have several dozen results already between both of my searches. When I see a result I want to explore, I click the date and time stamp to look at the actual post.


This Social Monitor result came from Twitter, so I click the link in Twitter to get to the original source. Bingo: adorable animal pic jackpot.


This is cute, but I only want to share the best of the best. Maybe I can find something even cuter, like:


Yes! This is a video I want to share (I know you want to see it, so here it is). I turn on Raven’s Chrome toolbar and click on the Share button.

From here, I can immediately share my find via any of the Twitter and Facebook accounts I have already authorized with Raven.


I schedule my post and wait for it to generate the immediate reaction that all baby otter videos ought.


Step 4: Keep track of what I share

My final step is to add the link I shared to Raven’s Link Manager. I can do this right from the Chrome toolbar.

First, I click on Links and choose Add Link from the dropdown menu.


Up pops the Add Link form. Raven already populated it with the URL to this video page; I just need to assign some categories for easier searching later. I have already created some custom link types (Cute Animal Curation) and statuses (Shared, Want To Share, Do Not Share) just for these types of posts. I quickly choose them from the dropdown menus. Because I’m signed into the Chrome toolbar with my specific user login, I’m already listed as the owner of the link.

I’m not saving this link for link building purposes, so I delete any anchor text or destination URLs Raven might have auto-populated, too. (You can’t see that in the photo below, but it’s just underneath Website Options on this Add Link form.)


I tab over to Description, where I add a brief note about what this link is. This is for quick reference later.


Now, whenever I visit a website with the Raven Chrome toolbar turned on, I can see how many links I have or want to share from that site, plus quickly access a list of them.


No duplication of what I curate, ever.

Step 5: Repeat

That’s it. I can set aside 20 minutes every day for content curation with the Social Monitor and Chrome toolbar.

But remember that link type I created called “Want To Share”? And how I added a brief description when I added links via the Chrome toolbar?

When I’m really cutting things close on time, I can skip Social Monitor and go right to the Link Manager. I have created a filter set for all my Cute Animal Curation links for quick reference. Any of them with the “Want To Share” status I can pick up and send out. The Description column tells me the content of the link I saved. The Date column (automatically added when I saved the link via the Chrome toolbar) tells me if the content is getting stale.


And one click on any link in the Web Page column takes me right to that page again…


…where I can click Share in the Chrome toolbar to share it and Links > View Links to update the status from Want To Share to Shared.

So every day from now on, I can tweet Courtney a photo of a baby animal THAT SHE’S NEVER SEEN.

Content curation for the win.

Photo credit: Goat photo by mcafowler.

Arienne Holland

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

  • Chris Countey

    Great stuff, Arienne!

    • RavenArienne

      Thank you, Chris. It was fun to write — and, of course, I continue to get daily entertainment.

  • William Daniel

    I can’t get over the guy’s last name! :)

    • RavenArienne

      Oh, you mean Joshua? Yes, he’s a friend and hears a joke or two from time to time… :)

      • William Daniel

        YES!! :)

  • Jason Diller

    This is crazy good. I’m just gonna start sending Courtney cute animal pictures via twitter now.

    Really great post… don’t sell features, sell benefits…. Now I know how to do awesome stuff online.

    Thanks for this. I dont use the chrome toolbar enough

    • RavenArienne

      For social sharing alone, it’s worth using. I didn’t even mention that you can plug in campaign variables and shorten URLs from the toolbar, too.

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it.

    • RavenCourtney

      Yes please!

      Seriously, that would be pretty awesome.

  • RavenArienne

    It never occurred to me that this very article would show up in the Social Monitor for those searches. Until I stumbled across it today. META.