Did you know? How to connect Google Analytics and Google AdWords to Raven

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Did you know? How to connect Google Analytics and Google AdWords to Raven

Scenario: Let’s say you landed a new client – or rather they landed you, since I assume you’re awesome.

The new client is a car dealership, and they want to ship more cars. You’re going to present a strategy for breaking into social media marketing since it’s an untapped space for them, but first you need to measure how they’re currently doing.

To get started, let’s pull their Google AdWords and Google Analytics data into Raven and start centralizing the data that’s available so we can see what’s going on.

Here’s how to go about it:

1. Make sure you can access the data.

google analytics

First log into the specific Google Analytics or Google AdWords account that has the data you’re wanting to pull into Raven.

If you have a new client, you’ll want to have your client add you as a user in Analytics or AdWords. Have them add your company Google account so you can access the data you need without handling their username or password. Safety first.

2. Now open up Raven and navigate to a website. Or add a website if you haven’t already.


(Haven’t tried Raven yet? Jump in on a trial.)

2. Click Ads > Google AdWords or Metrics > Google Analytics.



3. Select a Google account.

If you’ve connected a Google account to Raven already and the data you’re pulling in is being shared to that account, select it and press continue. If you need to connect a new account, click select the “Authorize a new Google Account” option and click continue.

google token

If setting up a new account, Google will ask if you know who Raven is. You can click Grant Access to establish a connection between Raven and Google.

grant access

4. Tie specific data to your Raven website.

OK, we’ve established a connection with the right account. Now, if your Google Analytics account has access to multiple profiles or your Google AdWords account is an MCC account, you’ll see the profiles or Customer IDs you can tie to your Raven website.

select specific data

Make a selection and click the continue button. Your Raven website now has Google data! In this example, you could start pulling in other data or some analysis to see how the car dealership is currently doing.

How about some next steps?

  • Check out Metrics > Site Performance in Raven to get a snapshot of your new client’s overall online presence.
  • Set up a crawl of your client’s site to review potential on-site SEO issues you can fix at Site > Auditor.
  • For social media, set up social monitoring for your client’s name and keywords or even big competitors.
  • Finally, set up social media management so you can begin to post on behalf of your client.

Here’s to shipping more cars!

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