Compiling an Internet Marketing Report With Raven

Compiling an Internet Marketing Report With Raven

One of the biggest hurdles to jump over when working on any Internet marketing campaign is reporting your progress back to your manager or client. Compiling all of that data takes precious time away from actual campaign work, which can cost you hours and sometimes days. Using Raven not only allows you to use some of the industry’s best tools to manage your workflow, it also makes everything within the system reportable. That leaves you with more time to work on your campaign and less time worrying about how you’re going to gather and present the data. Add Raven’s branding ability to that, and you’ve got the perfect time and money saving solution.

Internet Marketing “Report Wizard”

The Report Wizard allows you to compile a branded report with as much or as little data as you need. Here’s a quick guide to setting up a report in Raven.

1. Name the report, select a brand template to use (or choose Create New Brand Template if you haven’t set one up already), and hit Create Report.

Report Wizard Details Form
Note: If you’d like to set up an automated scheduled report, check the Schedule box, select a frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly), choose when you’d like to have the report send, select a date range, then check the Email this report box and fill out the appropriate info.

Report Wizard Scheduled Reports Option
2. Select items from the Report Options that you would like to report on.

Report Builder Tool
3. When you select a report option (blue box module), it will display optional report settings. Select the appropriate settings you’d like to include and click on the Save Changes button.

Report Option Module
4. All of the modules can be reordered by drag and drop by clicking on the title of the module and moving to desired position.

Raven Report Options
5. Underneath the Report Options are the Report Attributes that gives you a final opportunity to make changes to start date, end date, brand template, as well as options for date format, and the ability to choose an alternate font to incorporate extended character sets. Once the attributes are correct, you may either run the report on the fly by clicking Run Report, or select Save and Close.

Report Attributes
6. If you need to make changes to reports, you may do so at any time by finding the correct report at the bottom of the Report Wizard in either Scheduled Reports or Recent Reports. From here you may also run a report at any time.

Scheduled and Historical Reports
We hope this is a helpful time saver for you and allows you to focus all of your energy on your campaigns. If you have any further questions about the reporting options within Raven, please let me know. You can also watch a video about the reporting system at Vimeo: Raven’s Reporting Engine for Internet Marketing