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iPhone Owners Feeling Sore About Apple’s Price Drop Should “Share Their Story”

Yesterday, Apple announced an immediate and significant price reduction for the iPhone — down from $599 to $399. Normally, a price reduction like this would be good news, but not if you were an early adopter who purchased the phone within the last two months. … Read More

iPhone + AT&T = Dead Trees & Giant Fees

The first invoices for the iPhone have been delivered, and one thing is for certain, AT&T loves paper! For most iPhone customers, the only thing they’re concerned about (if anything) is the call and text log. “Who did I call, who called me and did … Read More

Google Shared Storage Pricing

Today Google announced a shared storage program that lets you buy extra storage space to be used across all of your combined Google services like Gmail, Picasa, etc. You can read the full announcement here. What struck me as odd was the pricing. It’s expensive! … Read More

8 Essential Plugins for TextPattern

Textpattern is a free and open source content management system (CMS) that is powerful and easy to use. Its unique framework and workflow makes it easy for designers or software developers to quickly build dynamic, database driven websites. Although Textpattern’s default installation provides a lot … Read More

Notes from OSCON 2007

Today was the first official day of the conference, though lots of folks came early for the tutorials on Monday and Tuesday. Everything I’ve attended has at least been mildly interesting, and in some cases truly inspiring. Here are some important ideas that I wrote … Read More

iPhone Sudoku

Ever since attending the iPhone development session at WWDC last month, I’ve been itching to build my first web site for Apple’s new device. Tonight I took some time off and set out to see what I could come up with. I gave myself a … Read More

Live From the iPhone Launch in Nashville

I’m updating this post with photos and more below… Four hours to go and I’m here at Green Hills Mall waiting patiently in line for an iPhone. I’m camped out on the floor next to Sharper Image. There’s about 150 people in line in front … Read More

PHP Programming Contest

Nick Halstead is running a PHP contest on his blog and offering a free copy of Zend Studio to the winner. It’s a wonderfully simple challenge that doesn’t require arcane PHP knowledge or experience with any particular framework. Instead, you’re forced to rely on your … Read More

New Yahoo! Sync Framework in OS X 10.4.10

Any time I install a major system update I always do a system-wide diff to see what files have been added / removed. This afternoon I installed the 10.4.10 update for OS X and saw that a new framework called YahooSync has been quietly added. … Read More

Yahoo! Makes a Strange Bedfellow for iPhone

Everyone knows that Apple and Google share a comfy partnership. They recently announced the addition of YouTube access for AppleTV and the iPhone. Google also provides their mapping service on the iPhone and they’re the default search engine for Safari. The only action Yahoo! has … Read More