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Microsoft Gives Away Early (or Late) Christmas Present to Web Designers

It is no secret that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 6 (and anything before it) is the bane of all Web Designers’ existence. If you’re a Web Designer and you don’t agree with that statement, then you are most certainly delusional and you probably hate Web … Read More

DriveSavers Now Supports Data Recovery for iPhones

My favorite company for recovering hard drives, DriveSavers, now supports data recovery for the iPhone. I first wrote about DriveSavers back in May, 2006. They did an amazing job recovering my Macintosh hard drive after going through a horrible ordeal with another hard drive recovery … Read More

A Third (Smaller) Option for Embedding Flash Using JavaScript

In January (2007), I wrote a howto for embedding Flash using JavaScript. The examples I gave were for SWFObject and Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) — the howto was for UFO. Now there’s a third viable option for embedding Flash using JavaScript. It’s called FlashReplace and … Read More

sIFR 3 Beta is Getting Closer to its Final Release

Mark Wubben announced on Wednesday (December 26, 2007) that sIFR was getting closer to its final release. In a message to all of the developers and beta testers, he said: Good news, I’m running out of bugs to fix. Pretty much the only thing left … Read More

How to Use Proxy Servers for Persona(l) Privacy

Proxy Servers are used for many different reasons. Services like AOL use proxy servers for Internet traffic load balancing, while others use them for a thin layer of privacy. The most common or preferred use of a proxy server is for privacy (aka anonymisation). That’s … Read More

Google Adds “Unicorns Horns” to Their Calculator

Collin Winter, an old Sitening employee and now Google engineer, alerted me to how excruciatingly cute they are in Googleville. Apparently, in a night of programming madness, they added the ability to include number of horns on a unicorn into any equation. Don’t believe me? … Read More

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Announces Limited Beta for New Database Service – SimpleDB

The Amazon Web Services team just announced SimpleDB – the long anticipated database service to complement S3, EC2, and SQS. Now there will be an alternative to managing your own SQL cluster within EC2. Here’s what they had to say: Dear AWS Developers, This is … Read More

New Flash Player Breaks sIFR

Adobe’s new Flash Player (version 9,0,115,0) does not work with earlier versions of sIFR 2. Mark Wubben, the current maintainer of the sIFR code, sent out an alert early this morning notifying everyone on the sIFR developer list. The problem arises when a designer has … Read More

How to Find and Download Files that Are No Longer Available

We’ve all experienced it. You search for that perfect plugin to complete your project, only to find that it’s no longer available. Either the site is no longer up, the file has been removed or it’s been taken over by pr0n. The next step is … Read More

Matt Cutts Offers Insight Into Site Building

Michael Dorausch transcribed the audio from a video recorded at PubCon 2007 that featured Matt Cutts discussing the best methods for building a website. In the dialogue between Matt and Guy Kawasaki, Matt suggested his three step process for creating a really good site and … Read More