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Quintura Effectively Combines Horizontal And Vertical Search Into One Interface

Yesterday I wrote about the threat of vertical search engines to horizontal search engines like Google. I created a simple mockup of how Google could easily update their steadfast and simple homepage to accommodate vertical search. Marios Alexandrou mentioned in the comments of that blog … Read More

Microsoft Gives Away Early (or Late) Christmas Present to Web Designers

It is no secret that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 6 (and anything before it) is the bane of all Web Designers’ existence. If you’re a Web Designer and you don’t agree with that statement, then you are most certainly delusional and you probably hate Web … Read More

DriveSavers Now Supports Data Recovery for iPhones

My favorite company for recovering hard drives, DriveSavers, now supports data recovery for the iPhone. I first wrote about DriveSavers back in May, 2006. They did an amazing job recovering my Macintosh hard drive after going through a horrible ordeal with another hard drive recovery … Read More

How to Use Proxy Servers for Persona(l) Privacy

Proxy Servers are used for many different reasons. Services like AOL use proxy servers for Internet traffic load balancing, while others use them for a thin layer of privacy. The most common or preferred use of a proxy server is for privacy (aka anonymisation). That’s … Read More

New Flash Player Breaks sIFR

Adobe’s new Flash Player (version 9,0,115,0) does not work with earlier versions of sIFR 2. Mark Wubben, the current maintainer of the sIFR code, sent out an alert early this morning notifying everyone on the sIFR developer list. The problem arises when a designer has … Read More

How to Find and Download Files that Are No Longer Available

We’ve all experienced it. You search for that perfect plugin to complete your project, only to find that it’s no longer available. Either the site is no longer up, the file has been removed or it’s been taken over by pr0n. The next step is … Read More

How to Make Files Publicly Accessible on Amazon S3

The Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) allows webmasters to store and deliver files cheaply and quickly. S3 is perfect for hosting large images, documents, audio files (MP3s) and video files. An excellent real-life example of how S3 can be used is with podcasting. Most podcast … Read More

How to Fix Photoshop’s “Save for Web” Color Mismatching

Most Web designers have experienced the frustration of designing their website in Photoshop, and then having it output different colors when they save it as PNGs or JPEGs. The problem is related to the default color profile in Photoshop. In order to maintain the correct … Read More

Review of Zotero Add-On for Firefox

If you’re on the Internet all day like myself, then you probably come across hundreds of websites, files, music collections, historical archives, images, etc, that you would like to keep track of. Let me introduce you to Zotero. Zotero is a free Firefox 2.x add … Read More

How to Install iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 on iTunes

Apple made their iPhone firmware update available to the public before making it available via iTunes. The file itself weighs in at 160MB and can be downloaded here: iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 The only problem has been the lack of information on how to install the … Read More