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Google Street View Cars Forced to Paint Road Lines While Driving the Streets of Nashville

By now, most people are familiar with Google Maps Street View feature. Street View shows you a 360 degree view of any address you enter. Google accomplishes this amazing task by using an army of specially outfitted vehicles that drive around and take pictures of … Read More

New Firefox Extension Does Quick Domain Lookups

Richard Kershaw of Quality Nonsense just launched a Firefox extension that makes it super easy to lookup domain names. The extension lets you perform one click domain searches at your registrar of choice using the selected text in your browser window. It’s super-simple: select the … Read More

How to Build Fast, High-Capacity Podcast Sites on the Cheap!

Originally presented at PodCamp Nashville Many people have figured out how to record, edit and create their podcasts, but they don’t know how to easily setup a podcast website — let alone, set it up for the possibility of hundreds or thousands of people downloading … Read More

Regardless of Outage, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Still Rocks

Although we were directly affected by the two hour outage of Amazon Web Services (AWS), it still wasn’t the end of the world. I read several blog entries and comments about “not putting all of your eggs in one basket” and “how cloud computing was … Read More

Lights Out for Amazon Simple Storage Service

Update 1: It’s being reported that all of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is down. Update 2: AWS appears to be back online as of 9:00AM CST. The outage lasted about 1-2 hours this morning. Friday morning (February 15, 2008) Amazon Web Services experienced a system-wide … Read More

MyBlogLog Releases a “Shiny” New Recent Reader Widget

Hot off the heals of the MyBlogLog API debut, MyBlogLog just released a shiny new widget for displaying recent visitors. In addition to its shininess, you can hover your cursor over a MyBlogLog member to learn more about them. Hovering over Web 2.0 Guru — … Read More

TechCrunch Releases New Version of CrunchBase

If there’s anything important or interesting going on in technology, then you’ll probably find it on TechCrunch. TechCrunch has become the source for technology industry news and they spend much of their time obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. They’ve actually taken … Read More

Control Your Identity With

While Facebook and LinkedIn duke it out to be your main profile on the Internet, a new player,, is creeping into their space with a completely different approach. Unlike the closed off nature of Facebook and LinkedIn, keeps all user information completely public … Read More

MyBlogLog WordPress Plugin

Skip all the talk and get the plugin! Here at Sitening, we have had the privilege of being granted access to the new MyBlogLog API while in its beta stage. As a developer primarily working with PHP, I first created a PHP wrapper class to … Read More

February is “International Tumblr Month”

Tumblr is a fun new site for posting little tidbits of information, including text, photos, audio, video, quotes and chat transcripts. It’s designed as a low overhead blog, similar to Twitter in a lot of respects, but its multimedia support and richer feature set make … Read More