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Google Chrome: Why?

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Google’s Chrome, and many people have now had the opportunity to try it and comment on its potential impact on the browser landscape. Much of the discussion has centered around how Chrome performs, what features it … Read More

How To Protect Your Lunch

This sandwich looks pretty disgusting doesn’t it? Who in there right mind would eat a sandwich with blotches of green mold? Not me, for sure.   But alas, this is just a visual trick. I’m not sure how Sherwood Forlee did it, but I can … Read More

Firefox and Safari Are Aggressively Driving New Ways to Publish and Experience the Internet

Apple just released Safari 4.0 Developer Preview to its developers. The new browser comes with several new features, including: CSS support for masks, gradients, reflections, and specifying a named canvas. Rudimentary support for the WAI-ARIA (Rich Internet Application) and cross-site XMLHttpRequest specifications. The ability to … Read More

Lulu Creates Happy Marriage Between Online and Offline Publishing for Aspiring Writers and Illustrators

Similar to the music industry, there’s an increasing number of authors that are seeking to usurp the publishing industry by self-publishing. Until now, the main options that aspiring authors had were e-books (glorified PDFs) and print-on-demand services, like’s BookSurge. However, Lulu appears to have … Read More

WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

A few weeks ago, we noticed that someone had managed to insert a bunch of spam links into our WordPress header and footer. We quickly updated to the latest version (2.3.3 at the time), thinking it would fix the security hole. However, this happened again, … Read More

Product Review for Griffin ClearBoost for iPhone

My iPhone now sports Griffin Technology’s ClearBoost, a protective polycarbonate case with a built-in antenna booster. I was the lucky recipient of a pre-launch product, and I’ve had a couple of days to test it out. If my iPhone could talk, I am sure it … Read More

Google Street View Cars Forced to Paint Road Lines While Driving the Streets of Nashville

By now, most people are familiar with Google Maps Street View feature. Street View shows you a 360 degree view of any address you enter. Google accomplishes this amazing task by using an army of specially outfitted vehicles that drive around and take pictures of … Read More

Passive SERP Tracking

Although we prefer granular SERP Tracking, like the kind Raven provides, there’s another way to determine search engine result pages without having to ever visit Google. It’s called passive SERP tracking, and it utilizes the information that’s passed through from the referring search engine result … Read More

New Firefox Extension Does Quick Domain Lookups

Richard Kershaw of Quality Nonsense just launched a Firefox extension that makes it super easy to lookup domain names. The extension lets you perform one click domain searches at your registrar of choice using the selected text in your browser window. It’s super-simple: select the … Read More

Optimize Keyword Density in WordPress with Keyword Snatcher

Every SEO Specialist has their own formula for keyword density. Personally, I prefer to simply have articles written naturally and I try to make sure I’m appropriately mentioning and writing about my targeted keywords. However, many SEO copywriters rely on external applications or online tools … Read More