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WordPress Plugin Released for Raven Analytics Tracking Code

It’s always nice to debut new software that’s related to Raven’s Internet Marketing Tools. However, it’s even better when someone else has written it! WordPress, a content management and blogging platform that we absolutely love, has an excellent plugin architecture that makes it easy for … Read More

Apple Will Crush’s Kindle and Complete Their Electronic Ecosystem With New Device In <strike>2009</strike> 2010

If you’ve been following Apple’s patents over the past few years, you would have noticed a trend in tablet-like devices and innovative ways to interact with electronic devices (like gestures on MacBooks and iPhone’s user interface.) I believe 2009 will be the year they finally … Read More

The Greatest iPhone App You Don’t Have

Sometimes there are ideas, and then sometimes there are ideas that just have to be made. Over what I can only assume were geek beers, the idea for Purr was born and as of today can be obtained from the iTunes Music Store. Designed by … Read More

Songbird: That’s One Gassy Bird

Most people have heard of Songbird, an iTunes alternative that’s based on Mozilla and embraces open formats. In fact, In the Jungle recently showcased 10 things Songbird can do that iTunes can’t. However, what most people don’t know is that Songbird suffers from chronic flatulence. … Read More

Cross Browser Testing

I recently started using a new service called CrossBrowserTesting, and it’s so incredibly awesome I felt compelled to write a review.  First some background… Browser compatibility is a difficult challenge for all web designers and developers.  The process of debugging HTML, CSS, or Javascript problems … Read More

Presidential Election Results Via Widget

Get real-time election results on Nov. 4! Watch the electoral vote count and the congressional balance of power with the national U.S. map or choose a state and see how individual counties are voting. As soon as either McCain or Obama is declared the winner, … Read More

BarCamp Talk on Web Service APIs

Last week, I gave a talk at BarCamp Nashville on Leveraging Web Service APIs.  Many thanks to the conference organizers who were able to move me to a session later in the day at the last minute because of a funeral that morning.  For anyone … Read More

AirCurve = Awesome

I came back from lunch today to a nice, shiny package on my chair. A package with a return address of Griffin Technology can only mean one thing, geek toys! Griffin is a local technology company that creates fun things for your iPod and other … Read More

Park or Forward Your Phone Number with NumberGarage

If there is anything that is up in the air these days when it comes to telecommunications, it’s phones. Land lines, cell phones, VoIP – there have never been more options when it comes to phone service. But what do you do with that number … Read More

How to Easily Manage Multiple WordPress Sites With One Database and One Code Base

Updated with security fixes We create a lot of websites at Sitening. Although most of our clients use our yet-to-be-released custom content management system (CMS), most of the micro-sites and blogs we build use WordPress. Depending on the client and the strategy, we can sometimes … Read More