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‘Weapons of Mass Marketing:’ our favorite tools

This time of year, people love to express gratitude to all of those important people in their lives. That’s no different on today’s “Weapons of Mass Marketing” show on WebmasterRadio.FM. Hosts Jon Henshaw and Taylor Pratt will be talking about all of their favorite tools … Read More

Ultimate list of conversion optimization tools

There's a growing number of conversion optimization tools out there. Taylor Pratt of Raven Tools has compiled a comprehensive list that we'll continue to update. It's a helpful resource for anyone working on a website's conversion and usability to save time and get better insight. Read More

Building the new

Before I discuss how the new Raven site was built, I first have to mention the design. Our Art Director, Jeff Crump, did an amazing job at creating a modern, clean, and minimalist site design. It was an absolute pleasure coding this site. HTML 5 … Read More

SEO Fox’s New Tool Includes Ability to Export Data to Raven

As all Internet marketers know, link building can be very tedious. That’s why we built a link management system into Raven, which now includes our new Site Finder and Backlink Explorer. We’re not the only company building useful tools. Recently, David Ogletree created SEO Fox, … Read More

Latest Build of Google Chrome Supports Site Specific Search

One of the nicest features of Google Chrome is the single input field for entering URLs or search queries. One of the nicest features of Firefox is that you can search on different sites (search engines or apps) in their search engine input field. I’ve … Read More

The Best Way to Backup Your MacBook Pro (Apple Laptop Computer)

I’m someone who has experience going through hard drive crash hell with my MacBook Pro. The last time it happened to me was in 2006 and it cost me several thousand dollars to recover most of my hard drive data. Soon after that happened, we … Read More

WordPress Plugin Released for Raven Analytics Tracking Code

It’s always nice to debut new software that’s related to Raven’s Internet Marketing Tools. However, it’s even better when someone else has written it! WordPress, a content management and blogging platform that we absolutely love, has an excellent plugin architecture that makes it easy for … Read More

Apple Will Crush’s Kindle and Complete Their Electronic Ecosystem With New Device In <strike>2009</strike> 2010

If you’ve been following Apple’s patents over the past few years, you would have noticed a trend in tablet-like devices and innovative ways to interact with electronic devices (like gestures on MacBooks and iPhone’s user interface.) I believe 2009 will be the year they finally … Read More

The Greatest iPhone App You Don’t Have

Sometimes there are ideas, and then sometimes there are ideas that just have to be made. Over what I can only assume were geek beers, the idea for Purr was born and as of today can be obtained from the iTunes Music Store. Designed by … Read More

Songbird: That’s One Gassy Bird

Most people have heard of Songbird, an iTunes alternative that’s based on Mozilla and embraces open formats. In fact, In the Jungle recently showcased 10 things Songbird can do that iTunes can’t. However, what most people don’t know is that Songbird suffers from chronic flatulence. … Read More